Lifeguards job

A lifeguard is responsible for assisting in swimmers’ safety and well being in swimming environments such as public pools and beaches. Lifeguards hold a physical job that requires the ability to swim and perform rescues for individuals in distress. Proper knowledge of AED, CPR and similar life-saving techniques is needed; proper first aid skills are mandatory, as is lifeguard certification. The lifeguard’s environment is predominantly outdoors with the exception of indoor swimming pools. Coworkers are typically fellow lifeguards; aside from coworkers, lifeguards participate in substantial social interaction with beach- and pool goers. Their hours vary depending on their facility’s hours of operation and available shifts & Swimming Pool Management.

A lifeguard must ensure that all beach-or pool goers are abiding by the rules. Lifeguards must also be knowledgeable about – and able to share – information on current water conditions. They must be responsive to any emergencies that may arise, such as someone in need of first aid or a potential drowning victim. Additionally, they look out for unsafe conditions in the water, such as the presence of dangerous objects & Aquatic Management companies.

A lifeguard must renew their certification each time it expires. They are also expected to remain in sufficient physical shape to perform their duties. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact well with pool- and beach goers are needed as well. Lifeguard salary is mostly based on what the job can pay and very little to do with experience.

Lifeguard Tasks

Notify the pool, spa, and sauna maintenance operator to ensure regulations are maintained.

Respond to emergency situations in the water or surrounding areas.

Administer first aid and contact emergency medical personnel in case of serious injury.

Maintain a safe swimming environment and enforce all policies, procedures and regulations.

PMI will place the right lifeguard according to your pools specific needs. We only recruit and hire the best so you can relax and enjoy your summer.

Certified and affiliated with National Associations such as; CAI, (Community Association Institute) CMAA, (Club Managers Association of America) NRPA, (National Park and Rec. Association) and NPMA (National Pool Management Association).

Automated computerized timekeeping and staff attendance system.

Highly trained national and international certified lifeguards. Coupled with our own training and written review examinations.

Full compliance with local, state and federal codes including OSHA regulations of Blood Born Pathogens and MSDS chemical data sheets.

A full range of pool related programs are available including: Swim lessons, personal training water aerobics, and water fitness programs. Excellent Workers Compensation coverage. We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance program coupled with professional and punitive damages for your protection.

PMI is a professional full service Pool Management jobs that provides staffing solutions for Aquatic Management companies, water parks, community pools and city pools. We manage facilities in multiple states and can provide you with multiple solutions for your facility.


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