Water balance

Everyone knows pools are heaps of fun for the whole family. A squillion kids have grown up with their own backyard pool and spent heaps of summers swimming, splashing and playing with their family and friends.

You don’t need a chemistry degree to look after your pool. Really, all you need is an understanding of the basics of pool maintenance and a regular program that ensures your pool is always safe for the kids to swim in and looks sparkling and inviting. And that’s what Pool Care is all about!

Water Balance

There are a couple of key essentials for safe, sparkling water, and it all starts with the correct pH level in your pool. The pH affects three areas of swimming pools.

  1. Swimmer comfort

The pH of blood is around 7.5, and blood comes closest to the surface of the human body in your eyes. So, if you swim in water that is too far away from 7.5, guess what, you’ll get sore eyes! Lots of people think it’s the chlorine that causes red eyes, but chances are, it’s because the pH level is incorrect. That’s why we want a pH between 7.4 – 7.6!

  1. Chlorine effectiveness

How well chlorine works in water, depends on what the pH level is. At a pH of 8.0, chlorine is only 20% effective! That means green and cloudy water and dangerous bacteria. The higher the pH, the less effective chlorine is. At a pH between 7.4 – 7.6, chlorine works best.

  1. Water condition

When the pH level is too high (above 7.8), water becomes more alkali. What this means for your pool is the water can hold fewer chemicals in solution, and starts to turn them into solids. This is called precipitation. Your water can turn cloudy, and you will start getting calcium build ups on the floor and wall of your pool. You will also need to clean your filter more often. The pool floor and walls can also become rough and scaly & Pool Management Companies.

When the pH is too low (below 7.0), it becomes acidic. This makes the water corrosive, and metal parts in and around the pool can rust and it can actually damage the interior of your swimming pool. For a vinyl lined pool it can cause the liner to become wrinkly and unsightly. OK, so we’ve seen just how important maintaining a pH between 7.4 – 7.6 really is. So how do we keep it there? Well, that’s where water balance comes in. Water balance describes the condition water is in, in relation to maintaining a correct pH level. The pH of water will always want to change. Whenever we add chemicals to the pool, they all can affect the pH. Bathers can also affect it just by suntan lotions etc. Wind-borne debris can also affect the pH. Correct water balance helps us to slow pH change.

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