Pool and spa safety

Pool Management, Inc. has over 20 successful years in the swimming pool management industry. We have have been providing City’s, Country Clubs, Communities and Home Owner Associations with America’s finest Lifeguards, Aquatics Directors, Swim and water instructors. We assemble a team for your facility based on your criteria. We also have pool construction division that has been building new pools and renovating existing pools for over 20 years. Whether it be Pool or Deck resurfacing, New shade structure installation, Salt System conversions, or pump room repair and design, Pool Management, Inc. has the resources and experience for all your facility’s needs.

Here is what inspectors check when determining if a pool or spa is fit for use:

  1. Pool and spa equipment conditions

The pool’s and spa’s operating system must be fit to ensure proper water flow and suction. The filter, vacuum and pressure gauges, flow meters and valves are among hardware that is checked.

  1. Proper water chemistry

This includes testing chlorine, alkalinity, P.H., calcium, cyanuric and phosphorous levels, as well as detecting visible algae and determining water clarity.

  1. Pool and spa safety

Pools and spas are evaluated on equipment specific to their operation, but they have some safety features in common. They each must have adequate handrails, working drains and properly functioning returns. All drain covers should be in place, and none should be broken or missing parts. Also, an emergency phone or call device should be located nearby & Aquatic Management companies.

  1. Proper signage

Signs including lifeguard status, pool and spa bather capacities, rules, shutoff locations, phone location and whether or not diving is allowed should be clearly posted around the pool area. Also, a 911 sign should also be clearly visible.

  1. General safety around the pool

Operators should make sure there is appropriate safety equipment like ring buoys, reaching poles and depth markers for swimmers. Also, fences and enclosures must be the proper height and gates should latch. Deck and plaster conditions are among other items that are evaluated.

Certified and affiliated with National Associations such as; CAI, (Community Association Institute) CMAA, (Club Managers Association of America) NRPA, (National Park and Rec. Association) and NPMA (National Pool Management Association).

Full compliance with local, state and federal codes including OSHA regulations of Blood Born Pathogens and MSDS chemical data sheets.

PMI will place the right lifeguard according to your pools specific needs. We only recruit and hire the best so you can relax and enjoy your summer & Swimming Pool Management.

Highly trained national and international certified lifeguards. Coupled with our own training and written review examinations.

PMI is a professional full service Pool Management jobs that provides staffing solutions for Aquatic Management companies, water parks, community pools and city pools. We manage facilities in multiple states and can provide you with multiple solutions for your facility.


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